I devoted November to NaNoWrimo – that nifty online challenge to write a novel in 30 days – so I had no plans to post an essay this month. But my thimbleful of followers will be delighted to know I finished the challenge a couple of days early, giving me time to throw something together for this blog. 

Of course, I’m embellishing my number of followers. Pretty sure they’d all fit on the head of a pin…with room to square dance. 

Anyway, my subject this month is far from original. Since November is best known for Thanksgiving, it’s only logical that gratitude would be at the forefront of most people’s minds. I’ve no idea why we tend to narrow that emotion down to a single month, though. Honestly, we ought to be grateful for every day we wake up breathing. But I’m not going to hop up on that particular soapbox today. I’m just here to share a sample of some things I’ve been thankful for this month:

  1.  Every day…I woke up breathing. (I figured it was best to get the obvious out of the way first.)
  2.  I successfully gave up sugar. Again. 
  3.  I remembered to pay the property taxes. 
  4.  Our casino trip didn’t involve taking out a second mortgage. 
  5.  My writing challenge was successful, and it produced a first-draft novel in a genre I’ve never attempted before. 
  6.  The lights on the garlands and Christmas tree all worked when I plugged them in. 
  7.  We didn’t get any snow.
  8.  I lost three whole pounds.
  9.  I found a new home for the unused sewing machine that mocked me every time I walked past it. 
  10.  I got to spend a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with – and I say this with zero bias – the most fabulous family in the entire world. 

While I may not always succeed, I do try to live with an attitude of gratitude. And not just in November, but all year long. Some days it may be hard to find much to be thankful for, but there’s always something…even if it’s just the fact that, as mentioned previously, I woke up breathing.

On a more serious note, when I take into account the amount of unrest in other parts of the world, I’m immensely thankful to live where I do. 

As we go into the Christmas season, my wish is that we all learn to hold onto that which makes us grateful. Regardless of whether it’s grand or insignificant, it all matters.


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