After I posted Clutching What Little Remains a couple of months ago, a few of you expressed a desire to learn more about the story.  That got me thinking that I wouldn’t mind finding out more myself, so I thought perhaps a follow-up was in order.  That’s easier said than done, though.  I’m not one of those writers who can sit down to a blinking cursor and strategically create a whole new world on a blank screen.  I’m the type who timidly stares at the blinking cursor in the hopes that someone in my head will speak up and let me transcribe what they tell me.

If you remember Cyrus from that first story, you might also recall him mentioning his daughter, Stella.  When I began contemplating the new tale, she’s the one who got my attention, so I simply let her talk to my brain while I played secretary.  

If you missed the first story – or just need to skim it again to refresh your memory – you can find it here.

The new story is available by clicking the link below and is ingeniously titled Stella.  Nothing like being succinct, to the point and ridiculously obvious.  Maybe this will bring a little satisfaction or maybe it will result in even more questions.  Either way, it’s waiting for you.

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