When I started this blog, its main purpose was to provide an outlet for writing. I wanted a place where I could not only get the words on paper, so to speak, but also share them with anyone who might want to read them. For over a year now, that’s just what the blog has offered. It’s been fun to crank out essays and short stories and set them free, and it’s been even more fun to hear that some of them have actually entertained a few people here and there.

With that fun, though, comes the responsibility of sticking to a set schedule. Even though it’s a schedule I came up with on my own, it’s one I take seriously. There have been a few instances where I’ve been penning something right up to the last minute, but I haven’t missed any of those every-other-Sunday deadlines. Some of the essays and short stories may not have been stellar examples of creativity, but they were posted nonetheless…right on time. Lately, though, hitting that mark has become a challenge because I have other things vying for my attention.

In order to prioritize all that needs to be done, those blog deadlines have to change. Lucky for me, I operate on a self-imposed schedule that I have the power to alter. If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, just click the button below.

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