You know how people often claim they don’t have time for this, that or the other?  Chances are, they actually do have time, but they choose to use it for something unrelated to…well…this, that or the other. 

Oh, sure, there are those with such truly busy schedules they don’t even have time to change their minds but, for many of us, that old “I don’t have time” excuse is just that.  An excuse.  Once all our daily obligations are addressed, we likely do have some time to spare, but we choose to spend it doing things we want to do instead of things we’d rather not do.  I’m pretty sure the official term for that is “human nature.”

There are a few of us, though, who complicate it even further.  Our spare time is spent on things we sort of like to do instead of things we really love to do.  It doesn’t make sense, but it happens all the same.  There are certain activities that bring us more joy than others, yet we backburner those and while away the hours with mediocre pastimes.  Of course, I might be taking liberties with the pluralization here.  Maybe there’s a small cadre of people who share this trait, or maybe it only applies to the knucklehead sitting right here at my keyboard. 

To see if you possibly relate, click the button below and check out my essay Reading Is Fun....  If you find you don’t relate at all, odds are you’re much more levelheaded than I. 

But don’t get too cocky.  I set that bar extremely low.

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