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A Little Something Sweet…

It’s Easter and that involves different things for different people…spiritual celebrations, new church clothes, egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, ham dinners and so forth.  I hesitated to drop a new post on such a special day but, considering the story I wanted to share, I decided it was okay to go ahead and put it out there. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I can be snarky and weird and not-altogether-there, but I do have a tender side.  What you’re about to read – assuming you choose to do so – is a testament to my lifelong preference for stories that have peaches and cream endings.  You might even say this one drips with sappiness.  But, hey, it’s Easter…a time for reflecting on love, hope and the sweetness of life.

Hit the button below to go to the story I call The Silver Pin.  If you wind up with cavities after you log off, don’t blame me.  I’m just the messenger.

Happy, Sappy Easter!

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  1. Ron

    Read the Silver Pin… loved how sappy it was, but who is Jeremy?

    • Virginia Boshears

      Oh, man…this is what happens when you proof your own work. Thanks for catching that. It’s all fixed now. 🙂

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