I’m the type of person who has a bad habit of thinking back — or ahead — rather than concentrating on the now. That makes it challenging to be truly present in the moment. And that, by default, causes me to miss out on fully enjoying special snippets of time.

I remember, back in the 90’s, one of my friends discovered a sort of movement called “Know Now,” and she even had a watch with that phrase on its face. She explained that it helped her ignore life’s distractions so she could concentrate on the present. While I didn’t give it much thought at the time, the idea has always floated around in the back of my mind. I know I’m not alone when it comes to letting random thoughts overshadow what’s right in front of us.

In an effort to appreciate what I tend to overlook, I’m trying to focus more on what’s going on while it’s actually happening. Special moments aren’t necessarily monumental. Quite often, they can appear to be just the opposite. Dare I say, “quotidian” even. It’s the acknowledgement that makes them special.

Whether this will become a series of essays about those tiny epiphanies, or a one and done, I don’t yet know. I just know that by writing it down, I hope to make “noticing” a new habit.

To see what I mean, click the button below and read Seeing the Forest as Well as the Trees.  

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